5 Wearable Devices Everyone Should Have

Technology and fashion go hand-in-hand in producing quality wears and apparels that are not only fashion-forward but also beneficial to the wearer. These wearable apparels and devices can range from accessories like Garmin Forerunner to dresses and ensembles.

If you plan on collecting your own wearable devices, here are some of the items you might consider buying in the near future:

  1. Smart watches

Smart watches are one of the most common wearable devices that are available in the market today, and they range from design and function. Most smart watches today feature state-of-the-art functionality that can help wearers in more ways than one. There are smart watches that are designed to help the wearer achieve his/her fitness goals. There are also smart watches that serve as a secondary and complementary mobile device. They range in cost also. A Fenix 5 price can range from 2400 AED to 2900 AED.

  1. Smart running shoes

When you try to achieve your fitness goals, it would be best to equip yourself with the latest technology to help you with your healthy lifestyle and well-being. Tech-savvy enthusiasts and sports buff create a line of smart apparels and running shoes to help people to track their fitness progress. Most smart running shoes are connected to your mobile devices that keep tabs on your health and fitness progress.

  1. Smart accessories

Apart from running shoes, there are a myriad of smart accessories that can double as a fashion statement and smart device. For instance, there are wristbands that can be used to track your fitness goals. One of the popular wearable accessories today are necklace-like accessories that will remind the wearer not to slouch and seat and stand with their posture in mind. This can help the wearer to be more aware of their health condition.

  1. Smart pants

This is currently in the works as a startup company backed by Google are working with the known jeans brand to incorporate technology on the fabric of the apparels. One of the functionalities of this tech fabric is the ability to connect gadgets to their environments.

  1. Smart glasses

Like smart watches, smart glasses are one of the most common wearable devices available in the market today. These smart glasses function as a secondary or complementary mobile device that helps the wearer to connect using their eye glasses. One of the known smart eyeglasses is the Google Glass.