Treatment for spider veins

Spider veins are a very common problem among adults. Although both men and women are the target of this condition, but it affects women more, and in a number of ways. One of the biggest reasons why you must be looking for a treatment for spider vein is that these badly affect the appearance and looks of your legs and face in many cases. Good news is that this unwanted condition can be effectively treated these days. It is the advancement of technology and that you can easily get a professional spider vein treatment in Dubai these days. Spider veins are enlarged vessels that you will find at the leg and face areas of people affected by them. Blue, red or purple in color, these abnormally developed vessels affects the appearance of your body especially around your legs. People who have to deal with this condition, hesitate wearing swimsuits, short dresses, skirts and shorts. Luckily with the treatments available in the market these days, spider veins can be reduced or even removed completely in just no time.


Fact of the matter is that spider veins are not much different than varicose veins in nature. Although these are usually smaller in size than varicose veins but these are much closer to the skin than varicose veins that makes them ugly in appearance. Spider veins are caused by irregular blood flow in the veins of your legs or face area. These veins appear when the valves of your veins fail to transport blood from your legs back to your heart properly. If you are wondering that why these vessels are called spider vein, then the simplest answer is that these look like exactly like a spider web or tree roots. Of course, you would never like to have something like that around your face or legs. Spider veins can affect a very small to a prominent portion of your legs or face which is simply not under your control. But, with the effective treatment you can surely get rid of this unwanted condition.


There are many different factors that play their role in causing this condition such as aging, pregnancy, weight gain and hormonal imbalances. If you are looking for a treatment for the removal of spider veins you will find a number of treatments in the market. One of the most effective treatments of spider veins that you can get from a good female orthopedic doctor in Dubai is sclerotherapy. By opting for sclerotherapy sessions, you can get rid of spider veins completely.