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The Most Expensive Residence in the World

When we say the word expensive, we think of brands and cars or owning a jet of your own and not all of us are that rich to afford things that are super expensive. There are different advantages of owning expensive things but what that expensive thing is worth of if it is broken or

Tips to redo interiors of your home office

The phenomenon of work-from-home has gained popularity in the recent times and many Fortune500 companies have gone virtual in a bid to same time, efforts, and money. The professionals who work from home have various different challenges which generally come in the way of proper delivery of their services to their clients. Web designers, content

Excellent ideas to help you design your bathroom

Back in the days, there was a time when bathrooms were considered to be the lowest part of a home. People did not even want to speak of it. However, things have been through a major change with the passage of time and now we see top quality and high end bathrooms at homes. If