5 Questions Parents Need To Ask Their Kid’s Camp Counselor

Attending a summer camp for kids in Dubai offers children a number of opportunities to grow and hone their character and skills. Parents are very willing and eager to send their kids to these places to help them become better individuals.

However, parents also need to be careful when sending their kids to a kids camp and ensure that their little ones are protected and safe at all times. When you are picking a camp to enroll your kid, it pays to ask the camp counselor the following questions:

  1. Is the camp accredited?


The first thing that parents need to ask is if the summer camp is accredited and a registered business. Being accredited means that the facility underwent inspection for safety and business operations and passed the basic requirements set by the authorities. It would also tell if the programs offered by the facility are approved by these organizations. A camp facility or business without proper papers to present to the parents and guardians is not to be trusted. Beware of this kind of establishment.


  1. Is there a policy for screening visitors and guests?


If your kids are at home, it is easy to track their guests and visitors. But since they are away and attending a summer camp program, it would be hard for parents to monitor if there is an unauthorized person visiting their kids. Be sure to ask the camp about their protocols for screening and accepting visitors.


  1. What are the activities included in the programs?


When a child attends a summer camp, his/her parents would expect improvement and positive changes. However, that would depend on the kids’ activities in Dubai included in the program. Before allowing your kid to attend a particular summer camp, be sure to know what are the activities that he/she will be doing to hone his/her skills and know whether these activities are appropriate for your kid’s skill level and age.


  1. How does the camp deal with emergencies?


The safety of the kids is always a top priority, especially if their kids are away from home. It is imperative for camp counselors and staff to have a solid emergency and evacuation plan should an emergency arise. Be sure to ask their protocols and procedures for different emergency situations and if their facility has competent medical staff and equipment to handle medical emergencies for hundreds of campers.


  1. What are the disciplinary procedures being implemented?


Misbehaving kids are a common issue at summer camps. Most of the time, camp counselors apply disciplinary measures and actions to campers who break the laws and commit indiscretions. What parents need to know is what are the disciplinary actions and punishments that camp counselors give to these problematic campers and if these disciplinary measures are appropriate considering the age and maturity of the children.