Step-By-Step Guide to Write Your Will

It is always a great idea if your closest of relatives know how to distribute your assets in an amicable fashion when you’re no more with them. While you can get all the information about the DIFC wills on the attached link, the following step-by-step guide will help you in writing your own will in an efficient and clear way.


  1. We all know talking about the subject of death, especially our own death, is not a comfortable thing to do yet it is important for everyone to craft a legal written will to make sure that your possessions fall in the right lap after your demise. You may hire a professional lawyer or use an online software to write your own will. However, it is not a recommended thing to do since this methodology invites unbearable mistakes which can actually make the job even difficult for the legal authorities to distribute your assets among your dear ones in a judicious manner.
  2. Always start by selecting one or more beneficiaries, who will get the right to own your left behind assets and bank balance after your death.
  3. The next step is to choose the executor of your will who will ensure the proper execution of your will after your demise.
  4. You should also mention in the will if the executor will get compensation for carrying out the tasks assigned in the will. An executor generally fetches 2-4 percent of your assets total value in the United States.
  5. If you have minor kids, you can also task a trustworthy person as the guardian of the children in case of your death.
  6. Always state clearly who in your family will get what in an event of your loss of life.
  7. You may also attach one or more letters to your will for customized pieces of advice for your family members. These letters are read out loud in presence of your close relatives after your death so that all of them get the message clearly.
  8. As per the requirements of your country’s laws, you might have to find one or more witnesses to put their signatures on your legal will. These witnesses should be at least 18 years old and generally you pick those people for this task who are going to be around when you’re not alive anymore.
  9. Pick a place where your legal will should be safely stored.
  10. The last step is to work on a power of attorney and selecting the person for the task.


If you don’t feel comfortable in writing your own will, you may acquire the will writing service in Dubai to get the job done for you.